"La Corbiere, Jersey, Channel Islands"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2004

"Brett Barley at First Jetty, Hatteras"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2004

"Goosefare Brook, Ocean Park, Maine"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2004

"Ogunquit Aerial, Looking South"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2004

"Seaoats and Sunset,
Frisco Turnout, Hatteras Island"

Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2004

Portland Headlight Summer

"Portland Headlight Summer"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2005

Portland Headlight Winter

"Portland Headlight Winter"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2005

Hillside Frost, Mankato, Minnesota

"Hillside Frost, Mankato, Minnesota"
Photo by American Artist Peter R. Hornby © 2005

Peter R. Hornby

Peter began his early career photographing the ocean and surfing.

This later expanded to documenting his travels on the Appalachian trail and climbing Mount McKinley in Alaska. Peter's work began with a Rollei 35B camera that he bought on sale from the back of the New York Times. Later he went on to purchase a Nikonos III and then a Leica M3. Soon after, he purchased a Nikon F2 with a 24 millimeter F2 lens. This was his street camera for many years. Annually he would save and purchase a lens per year. Eventually he acquired most of the Nikon system.

Early on Peter acquired a Century 650 mm F6.8 telephoto lens and Arriflex motion picture tripod. This enabled him to take "tack sharp" compression shots further enhancing his photographic capability.

Peter was strongly influenced by his high school art teacher, James Gilliland, in Schenectady. During his college years at Mankato State in Minnesota, Peter was very active in the production of concerts and lectures. He also produced the Little Crow Festival, held in the spring. Later he went on to run the film program as well as the outdoor recreation program at MSU. After graduate school Peter began photographically illustrating children's books for Crestwood House Publishers in Mankato and touring multimedia slideshows to colleges and universities. At this time he began building up his photographic stock library, which now encompasses over 500 subject areas and half a million photographs.

Peter first visited Great Britain in 1978 for a general tour England Scotland and Wales. In the 90's Peter returned to Britain to experience London's pulsating scene. He also began traveling extensively around coastal England. His travels took him to Scilly Isles and Cornwall as well as North and South Devon, Isle of Wight and North Umberland.

In the late 80's Pete began to photograph waves and atmospheria in Cape Hatteras, an area of artistic interest to him, which he had discovered on a previous trip. During these years he was well known for his photos of the windsurfing culture. These appeared as postcards and in magazine illustrations. During this time Pete switched over to using OConnor fluid head motion picture tripods. This enabled him to take sharp photos in the fairly strong winds common on the Cape.

In the early 90's Pete had switched over to the Leica R system as his street cameras. He was still occasionaly using the Hasselblad system but felt the ease of the 35 mm system of Leica was more compatible with his need for mobility.

He began acquiring all of Leica's current optics and that, coupled with Ektachrome film gave a pleasing natural look his transparencies.

Pete returns each winter to his beloved Minnesota, where he photographs and reconnects with friends. His winter is also active with photographing lighthouses on the Great Lakes. To date he has photographed over 170 lighthouses in North America and in the U.K.

In addition to contributing to many magazines, books and corporate annual reports, he has published two books, The Cape Hatteras National Seashore, which was done primarily for Eastern National and the National Park Service and his latest book, by the author Tony Harrison, entitled Winslow Homer In England.

Peter's photos continue to be published on postcards, prints, and fridge magnets here in the United States.

For more information contact:

Hornby Editions
P.O. Box 7099
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Phone: 207-934-5456M
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